stuffed shami kabab

Stuffed shami kabab was narrated to me by one of my relative who belongs to Hyderabad which is quite common there. I tried it and it tasted damn good. I don’t know how the original looks and tastes, till then this one is good enough. the ingredients required for shami kabab are already mentioned on this blog.

Ingredients for stuffing

hung yogurt 200 gms
onion 1 large finely diced
green chili 1 finely cut
pepper if u need extra spicy
chaat masala-1 tsp
salt to taste


Mix all the ingredients, and refrigerate. Remove at the time of making otherwise onion leaves water and it would be impossible to make the filling.

Take a big ball size of shami kabab mixture, make a well and put in about 1 tbsp of the stuffing and seal well and make it like a round ball and then gently tap it to make a Patti and shallow fry till both sides are golden brown. serve hot with your favourite chutney.