When ever my husband goes on dieting he stops eating rice and eats only parota’s 😛


wheat flour-1 cup
all purpose flour – 1 cup
extra flour for dusting
salt to taste


1. Take flour in a mixing bowl add salt and about 2 tbsp of oil and knead well with milk. cover it with damp cloth and keep it aside for an hour

2. Take ball size dough and make a thin chapathi then grease it with oil.

3. Take the extra flour in a plate and u can either put the greased chapathi on the flour or sprinkle it.

4. Fold the chapathi like u are making a paper fan and then stretch a little and turn it from one of the edge and press slightly once u are done so that it does not unwind

5. Keep this aside again for about 20-30 mins and cover it with damp cloth.

6. Now roll them but this time not very thin.

7. Heat the pan or a skillet and put the parota on it and wait till u see bubbles on it and then turn it and apply oil or butter and do the same on the other side and cook  till it turns golden brown.

8.Take the parota in the hand and give a quick crumble so that the layers open up. serve hot with your favorite curries and enjoy

P.S. do not turn the parota much and cook on a medium flame.