Cooking is always an experiment for me and this one is one among my experiments and i should say an successful experiment.


chicken with skin -2lbs
almonds/badami- fist full and grinded
white pepper-1tbsp
salt to taste
oil/butter for caramelizing


Mix the ingredients and stuff this between the skin and the meat just like u stuff pockets 🙂 either u can bake them or u can just cook them in a pressure cooker till 1 whistle this helps the ingredients bind well and stick to the chicken and will not stick or leak while u are frying

Once the chicken cools down, on a pan add about 1 tbsp of oil and then add about 50-60 gms of butter or as much needed and caramalize the chicken on both sides and Enjoy

P.S. do not add butter directly to the hot pan as it burns faster and gives a bitter taste so add a bit of oil and then butter to avoid overheating