Truffles- Koramangala, Bangalore

In a considerably quite lane of the bustling koramangala nests Truffles. Though the look doesn’t ooze fine dining experience, the crowd will definitely get you wondering if you should really skip a visit. But once you do visit..i bet you will come back for more and this is exactly what happened to me and my friends.

Even though we follow a rule of trying out new places to eat every Sunday night, more often than not we find ourselves sitting at our favorite table at truffles. Not because there aren’t any new places we could find, but because truffles simply make us happy every time we go!

“Truffles” is right at the corner of the parallel road to JNC college koramangla, the lane right next to tastes of Rampur. The food is moderately priced, tastes yum! And is served in sumptuous quantity making it worth every penny you shed. Quenches your thirst with the standard drinks you find in most of the places, beverages, coolers..Food varieties span out very well with you finding light food like quiches, sandwiches, omelets, fires, wedges, stuffed mushrooms, bacon, waffles, pancakes…to sinful heavy dipping, like All American cheese burgers (comes in 3 different sizes..haha..try finishing the XL) , Mixed grill (one of my favorite pick of truffles), lamb steak, chicken Bavarian, chicken blue cordon, fish and chips (the classic!), Veg ala king, veg cacciatore, varied pastas. Well I know I have been indulging in the nonveg dishes way more than its fair but the veg dishes are equally mouthwatering. I can say this as our group has a significant vegetarian and he loves truffles as much! It offers a number of high calorie desserts like tarts, pies, brownies, cheese cakes to finish your taste bud ride..

The place has nice music, the genre changes with the hour and keeps you from getting bored of the same kind of songs. It’s divided into a non-ac exterior seating and the ac interior with the big ass television, mostly airing football, cricket or songs videos. Getting a table can be something of a wait but once you survive the wait m hoping the food will make up for it and keep the smiles on and tummies full!

Share how you like the truffles and Bon appetite foodies!