I just wanted to share my attempt at ribbon embroidery. I have used satin ribbons and not the silk ones.

you need to use the right needle for this. Had a tough time making this one since the cloth was thin and the needle was not right.

I made this for my husbands birthday. Like I told before I wear a creative hat once in a while only! Birthdays and anniversaries.. 🙂

Again you need to know the basic embroidery stitches to do this and nothing more!

Since I learnt the basic stitches I wanted to experiment so the ribbon instead of a thread..

I was looking for ideas to do ribbon embroidery and came across a SRE(silk ribbon embroidery) on google images and loved it the moment I saw it .

I tried to do a similar thing here but added an initial since I was making it for his birthday.

I have used french knots, lazy daisy stitch, spider web rose, stem stitch, ribbon stitch…

Added a few beads here and there just to make it look more precious..

Finally put a plastic sheet on top of it (so that it doesn’t get dirty) and put it in a embroidery ring that can be used as a frame.