I love the way ribbon embroidery looks. So wanted to do something more with it. This time around I made a wearable stuff. My sister’s family was coming home for a holiday and I just came up with an idea to make something wearable for my pretty little niece.

I had a silk cloth at home which was just right I thought. So I came up with an idea to make her a lovely frock with a ribbon embroidery border and roses for flowers for sure.  I traced out a border design from an embroidery design book onto a tracing sheet and then onto the cloth(Aahh It was a tedious task). I used only 2-3 colour ribbons since my cloth was a dark colour.

I made the roses with spider web rose for which I used a broader satin ribbon since it will give it a natural look. And leaves and buds with lazy daisy stitch using a narrower satin ribbon. I also made the branches and the border with stem stitch using 3 strands of anchor thread.

For the white colour flowers I made a french knot for center and ribbon stitch for petals.

Added the pearly white beads to add beauty!

I’m yet to get the frock stitched. once I do I’ll share pictures..