I recently celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. A week before the occasion I was wondering what to do and just remembered the quilling stuff I had bought ages back. And then came the idea to make the card. It was a bit time consuming considering the other things that I have to do. I finished making the card well before time.

I was happy the way it turned out to be. This is not my first quilling attempt but my second the first one is a little shabby. I had made my own quilling strips then. And thats how I had ended up buying the quilling strips and the quilling tool which came to my rescue this time around. You can easily get quilling stuff in all the craft stores.

It’s not all that difficult to make but you need to have a good imagination equipped with how to make the basic coils.

The idea to make a monogram was instantaneous. The coils that I used in the design were random and not planned. I just kept filling the space. I hope you liked the outcome and also have a look at my earlier attempt.