La Casa (Sarjapur, Bangalore) – the haven for countless reasons

we all have that one place which will always be the favorite, no matter how many places you find with better food or better ambience..La Casa to me has been and will always be that favorite place.

It’s close to me for more than one reasons, has been venue for a breakup a proposal n innumerable lunches n dinners with the closest friends I have. Never seem to have enough of la casa food and for this particular one..its ambiences and ‘wine & cheese’ does it all for me! Though I have known this place for more than 5 yrs now but still the quite, plush green, beautiful, soothing n laid back ambience works its spell every time I visit.

Though it hosts both Italian and Chinese cuisines, I prefer the Italian. The taste will continue to linger in your mouth even after you are done here. There are ample options for both veggies and the non-veggies. Few dishes have compulsorily been on my table every single time, regardless of the poor appetite I had that day or bad mood or thrill of trying something new..lasagne!!! (heaven! yum is the least I can say), grilled chicken steak, veg hot pot (drown me in that bowl of cheese!!!), garlic bread, veg steak princess! And the fresh made breads that they serve with your dishes are a treat..its made right at the restaurant and tastes great! Also the pizzas are different and tasty.

The place is not just beautiful..its peaceful and refreshing..away from the city traffic and buzz this is somewhere you can really let ur hair down n sit back and enjoy a meal with ur loved ones. The staff is friendly..the manager actually takes a stroll often to make sure u are having a nice time..the light music lifts your mood instantly..and if u have romance on your mind.. you are just at the right place love birds! 😉

Do try it out sometime..its definitely worth the travel..n just in case you don like Italian cuisines much..i will be back with another place for you! 😉