I like to do a little bit of everything like embroidery, craft but only occasionally. One day I just sat and learnt all the basic stitches from the web of coarse. Soon I wanted to use all the stitches that I learnt. So here’s my first attempt at embroidery.

I used a dupatta that was very big which I didn’t use for a long time. The choice of colours for the embroidery were just based on whatever I had at hand. I made it in about 2 days, wanted to make it so that it is wearable but haven’t done anything with it yet.

I drew a random design of another dress on a tracing sheet and then traced it on the cloth using the carbon paper.

I used 2 strands of anchor thread for the embroidery. I used buttonhole stitch for flowers and leaves and chain stitch for the creeper. I used ring knots (similar to french knots) for the center of the flower .

I hope you all liked my attempt. Waiting to hear your feedback guys.